2019-10-21 09:08:20

PR1600 Bike Light review from Road.cc

A proper road-specific beam wrapped up in an excellent package

"Welcome to my new favourite road light, the Ravemen PR1600 DuaLens. It comes with dual lenses, one with a cut off 'dipped' beam, a wireless remote control, decent battery life and more light output than you really need, all for a decent price.

Pros: Good run-times; high/low beam; great waterproofing

Cons: Having to scroll through flash to get to a higher output

Dave loved the PR1200 when he reviewed it back in 2017, and I can see why. This is the first Ravemen light I've ever used and it does everything I need for riding on the road in the dark and even venturing onto the gravel tracks.".

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