2019-11-18 14:05:52

PR1600 Bike Light review from Bikerumor

Dual-LED on, mountain biking mode

Single-LED on, road biking mode

"The Ravemen PR1600 is a really nice bicycle light. The remaining battery run-time feature is superb, the light body is well made, it sheds heat well and is compact and lightweight. I love the beam pattern emitted by this light, which has now become my go to light for road and gravel cycling. Run-time is excellent considering how much light is emitted across the landscape, and the option to plug in any USB external battery is awesome. The wireless remote is a really nice touch, but not something I used all of the time. Regardless, it allowed me to keep my hands firmly planted on the handlebars during spirited evening gravel rides. Priced at about $125.00 USD depending on where you look, the Raveman PR1600 is a great deal, especially when you consider the functionality of the wireless remote, multiple light modes, and high quality construction. An optional GoPro type mount to sling the PR1600 below one’s handlebars is also available. I love this light."

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