Too Lightweight To
Be Noticed

20g of the light unit and with max 20  lumens COB LED

bicycle rearlight tr20

Product Features

1. High efficient COB led with max 20 lumens
2. Quick release designed for various situations
3. Specifically designed lens providing front and side visibility
4. Auto power save and indicator for low battery
5. Built-in Mode memory function
6. Convenient Micro USB charging port

Tech Specifications

Battery: 200mAh/3.7V rechargeable Li-polymer battery
Dimensions (light unit): 52mm (L)*18mm (W)*22mm (H);
Weight (light unit): 15g
Mount size: compatible with φ 24-36mm seat tube

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

bicycle rearlight tr20

Quick release clamp design

versatile and easy-to-use, ready for various mounting situations

bicycle rearlight tr20

Rear and side visibility

Specifically designed lens ensuring your rear and side visibility for maximium safety

bicycle rearlight tr20

Angle adjustable

Adjust the mounting angle of the light to fully optimize your visibility

bicycle rearlight tr20

Standard Micro USB Charging Port

To charge your light easily with computer and also compatible with most phone chargers

bicycle rearlight tr20
bicycle rearlight tr20