DuaLens Optical design

Providing broad closed range flood light with anti-glare beam for commuting, no dazzle and glare for oncoming riders and pedestrians

HiLo Beam System

Providing the similar illuminating light of automotive headlight with far reaching high beam and broad closed ranged anti-glare low beam

Road Biking Mode

Featuring DuaLens optical design, the Road Biking Mode is perfect for road recreational riding or commuting.

Mountain Biking Mode

Featuring HiLo Beam System, the Mountain Biking Mode is specially designed for trail riding or singletrack with reasonable brightness levels yet more lumens and further beam distance.

Instant Turbo

Easily to access the Maximum output to signal the oncoming pedestrians or riders ahead or in need of more lumens.

Digital Display

Displaying the runtime of each brightness levels and other status of the light while in working

Remote Control

Changing brightness levels from the remote control button safely without releasing the grip during riding

USB Input/Output

Standard Micro USB input to charge your light easily; USB output port to charge other USB-powered digital devices as emergent power bank

Mode Momemry Function

Remembering the last used mode and brightness level for easy to use.

Intelligent Thermal Control

Reducing the brightness steplessly and protection of overheat with thermal control chip.

Touch Control

Changing brightness level easily and quickly with simple touch.

User Defined Output

With stepless brightness adjusting and LED runtime display, user has full customization of the brightness and runtime to maximize the performance of the light